GFHC ACADEMY has been in education programs since 2008 by its founder’s Volkan Yigit’s personal interests. Volkan Yigit was the first official person giving IFBB amateur federation’s education programs as a MASTER COACH. After qualifying and certifying many trainers in 2009 Volkan Yigit has stopped working with IFBB amateur due to their amateur and non-ethical vision in trainings.

 In 2009 Volkan Yigit has met with Dr. Joseph Antouri who is the founder and CEO of PROPTA (IFBB PRO’S OFFICIAL EDUCATIONAL MERCHANDISE)  and their friendship has created GFHC ACADEMY.

 In 2010 GFHC ACADEMY and PROPTA has agreed on an endorsement program and started to work to gether. Since 2010 GFHC & PROPTA has certified many trainers internationally with training programs opened to Turkic Countries, the good relations and sincere friendship of both COE’s of GFHC ACADEMY and PROPTA has created many good changes in Fitness Trainers professional life’s. In 2013 GFHC ACADEMY has made its most effective and recent initiative with ''ENGLISH ONLINE CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS'' endorsed by PROPTA.