Our GYM EXPERT  aims to create awareness in the importance of education towards Bodybuilding, Fitness Trainers & Health Club Operators Worldwide.The project is owned by the Global Fitness & Health Consultancy LTD (GFHC ACADEMY) The  exam  is based on 50 questions (test)  with answer options from ‘’A’’ to ‘’ E’’ Each question counts as 2 points, the participant receives  an actual certificate made out to his/her name only if  70 points  out of this exam is achieved. Exam has 50 questions with backgrounds of; 6 History, 17 industrial, 8 First aid, 19 Technical questions.

 Terms of the Exam Program:

1)        Individuals take  the exam with a fee of  $ 100 price. 

2)        If the exam is not passed various attempts are acceptable with in a time frame. The individual needs to pass the exam within a week after the purchasing date.

3)        If the individual cannot make it happen in a week time, the system delete the candidates exam enrollment and there for a secondary charge will be required.     


  • Internationally Recognised Prestigious Certificate
  • Intensifier & Comprehensive Online Test  Methodology
  • Utmost Flexibility In Attendingexam  (timing)
  • Developed Industrial Awereness
  • Developed Proffesional Skills
  • More Ownership & Self Confidence
  • Clinching The Fact of Job
  • Being Able To Analayse More Information
  • Gaining Proffesionalism
  • Learning The Proffesional & Technical Language Of  The Job
  • Improved Membership Sales And Productivity